After knee replacement surgery I struggled to regain flexibility and range of motion. The Idealstretch was excellent and I regained full range of motion in no time. Thank you for bringing back my mobility and freedom to walk normal again.
I have not had such little back pain since I was in my teens and I'm not over exaggerating! I am now 45 and have L4 degenerative disc problems. Because the IdealStretch puts no strain on my lower back and my lower back back pain is gone. When I would sleep too long I would not be able to stand up st
I'm in the military just got done with my third knee surgery and I need something to help me stretch. IdealStretch was my last stop. It's making life much better for me. I wish I found out about it earlier.
This is undeniably the safest and most effective way for an individual to stretch their hamstrings and hips. Nearly every client who visits Aspen Back leaves with one (or two).
I have personally used the IdealStretch and it was so easy and effective that I now use it with my patients in my chiropractic office. They love it for its easy use design and I enjoy the significantly improved results - with less time and effort!  The IdealStretch is, by far, the most cost-effecti
I was thrilled when I first tried the IdealStretch. I am naturally flexible secondary to a childhood of gymnastics and an adult life of yoga and stretching, but the Ideal- Stretch allowed me to take my stretching further on my own. As a physical therapist, I am always looking for new ways to allow m
I have always had tight muscles in my lower extremities and being a physical therapist I know how important it is to maintain flexibility. It feels as though there is a partner there with you advancing the stretch each time. I would highly recommend this device for patients because they are able to
I would say this is truly the first stretching aid that I would recommend to ALL my clients for lower body stretching! My clients love to finish their workout with 5 minutes of IdealStretch.
I really like the product. I had back surgery on Feb 1st and was looking for something like your product and ran across your web- site. My wife is a Physical Therapist and I am a certified National Strength and Conditioning Specialist. I just was ranked 15th in the U S Powerlifting Bench Press and